“Karvan- The journey” is basically a platform where you can meet new people and bring out your ownself breaking the awkwardness and fierceness of your mind. Just pay Rs. 350 to us and then just enjoy the true you and your abilities. Here we include numerous activities, stand up comedy, life in a story, poetry recitation and what not!

“Come and join the newest of the newest experience and your self as a true enthusiastic person”

About Team


 Enchanting mind personality, another community starter Dheeraj Mehta is a full fledged working person who develops his thought process towards connecting to new people and raising his networking odeum. A beautiful hearted soul who guards his interest in travelling, and feels meeting and interacting with new people around leads to better learning and understanding. The ambitious entrepreneur believes interaction is the basic motive to create a flawless aura and developing great work culture. Connecting himself to new people entices him towards the thought of Karvan and connecting new people around.

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An aesthetic beauty with a mindful wisdom, the community starter Lekhika Mehta views socializing with people as a great beginning towards new friendships and new networking.The smiling diva condoles her interest in music and feels connections bring outta new opportunities to grow and learn. She has a habit of meeting new people and engaging herself in maintaining good relations. The endeavoring entrepreneur finds herself linked to new people and this connects her to the thought of Karvan. She believes meeting new people, learning with them and creating your networking niche strong is an essential juncture to learn.

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The magnetic personality, Shikhar Mehrotra also one of the community starters keeps a vision of interacting and connecting with new people out there at a random property. He finds his sole interest in dancing and genres to express his knowledge through his moves.  An employee of a multinational company, he believes that it’s good to interact and meet new people. The prepossessing enchanting person finds himself in the midst of working niche and networked locus. The person with a strong thoughtful mind draws his attention towards Karvan when he finds the propaganda of meeting new people as a golden opportunity to grow.

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An idealized person, the community starter Abhayjeet Singh believes to make new connections and drawing new options to grow. The fun loving playful person who procures his interest in poetry, likes to connect through words and embarks his linkage with people. He believes to interact and conjugate with people that will raise the chances of seamless limits to networking. A business partner with despotic intentions who is also a head of business development believes “ the more connections, the more networking” and this drives his mindset towards Karvan, where you can meet out random people ahead and make yourself grow.

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